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We are proud of our fleet of motorcycles at Ruedas León. We made a commitment to purchase only top of the line motorcycles with a history of reliability, offering you, the rider, peace of mind. We have both Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles. For the beginner rider we offer automatic Suzuki AN125 Scooters. For the more experienced rider we offer Suzuki DR200s and Yamaha 125 XTZs.


In order to rent our motorcycles a valid license is required. Our motorcycles only have basic liability insurance required by Nicaraguan transit laws.

Motorcycle Tours

We offer Motorcycle Tours around the department of León and the country of Nicaragua. We have day tours to volcanoes, crater lagoons and other places of interest in León. For all of our tours we provide a knowledgeable guide, a motorcycle, helmet or two, water and one meal. We have prepared tours or we can customize the departure time and return to meet your schedule as long as is within our working hours.

Suzuki AN125

*1 Hour: $5.00 USD (4 hour min)
*24 Hours: $30.00 USD
*3 Day: $70.00 USD
*Long Term Rates Available! Suzuki AN125

Suzuki DR200

*Day Use: $35.00 USD
*24 Hours: $45.00 USD
*3 Day: $100.00 USD
*Long Term Rates Available!
Suzuki DR200

Suzuki DRZ-400

*24 Hours: $65.00 USD
*3 Day: $150.00 USD
*Long Term Rates Available!

Yamaha XTZ 125

*Day Use: $35.00 USD
*24 Hours: $40.00 USD
*3 Day: $90.00 USD
*Long Term Rates Available!
Yamaha XTZ 125


At Ruedas León we have a great selection of bicycles for rent. We carry Specialized mountain bikes of all sizes to fit men and women perfectly. We are a bike shop also so our bikes are always in great shape and our mechanics make sure that your tour/ride is safe and pleasing.


Four times a week we get out early in the morning to ride our mountain bikes on the dirt roads and trails of León. Your can rent a bike from us and join our group of locals to see León from a different perspective. We ride many types of trails and dirt roads and are constantly searching for new routes.


We have partnered with tour operators in León to offer our bikes so you can explore volcanoes, lagoons, villages around our city or more. Tours include riding to the crater of the Telica volcano and then riding down the fast and awesome road from the volcano back down, riding around Cerro Negro which may include sliding down it on a board to make the trip a little more exciting or if you prefer just a nice morning ride around the outskirts of León. Oh, and there is much more!

Located in the heart of León, Nicaragua, Ruedas León offers our customers motorcycle rentals and guided tours to various awesome places in León. David, originally from El Salvador, used to race mountain bikes semi professionally in the U.S. Our family relocated to Nicaragua a year ago after many years of desiring to uproot and move south. We said we would never do anything in tourism. Funny how absolutes seem to tempt the universe into having the last laugh. Through nights and days of dreaming of what might be we decided to open a multi purpose shop. We wanted to offer affordable scooter and motorcycle rentals because no one was doing it yet. Leon is so close to the beach and getting there by scooter (for the beginner) and exploring more of the back dirt roads with motorcycles is a beautiful adventure waiting to happen. We do not only want to be another tour company here in Nicaragua which is why we have partnered with ProRider in Managua selling Specialized bikes and accessories for the local bike enthusiast. The hope is to contribute to the ever growing bike culture here in Nicaragua. Leon is a city that moves on wheels. LEÓN SE MUEVE EN RUEDAS!
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